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Meet the team currently behind the KINDNESSforBusiness movement.

Co-founder - IT & web, community, development

French, living in Italy, Allen Vernier is Chief People Officer in the railway sector and is used to lead deep cultural transformation. With his fascination for human centricity, he is a servant leader with successful experiments in sociocratic organizations. Allen is born in Langres, city of philosopher Denis Diderot, chief editor of the Encyclopédie and prominent figure during the Age of Enlightenment. Inspired by his personal hero, Allen has a lifelong commitment to enlightening people and gathering knowledge for the common good.

Co-founder - People & Human Relations Lead, Marketing & Community

Italian, based in Milan, Daniela Donati is a Chief Happiness Officer with a luggage full of experiences made mainly in industrial organizational contexts with People Empowerment, Learning and Development, Change Management and Lean Transformations projects. With a harmonious mix of Creativity and Analytical Thinking she firmly believes (and wishes to live) in a better and happier world.

Co-founder - Politics & advocacy

Born and raised in Southern Italy, Germana Barba is a political scientist, a public and international affairs expert, as well as a writer. She has long-term experience engaging with policy makers, civil societies, and key opinion leaders globally to build awareness and understanding about various businesses and industries. She has served as the youngest female Vice President at one of Fortune Global 500 companies. Currently based in Switzerland, Germana is a champion of women empowerment, ‘unconventional’ leadership, and dialogue across different points of view.

Co-founder - branding & visual identity, trends analyst

Currently based in Paris, Olivier Raymond is considering himself as a world citizen. Curious by nature, he studied international Marketing & Management in Europe, in Canada and in Japan.  Eager to discover as many markets and industries as possible and to have an impact on people daily life, he soon realized the growing influence brands and companies could have on their audience and chose to became a Branding & Design expert. After 18 years spent in major international agencies (Dragon Rouge, Lonsdale, …), he founded in 2018 his own consultancy dedicated to Change Management through the lens of Design, Innovation and CSR and named it Sanagi, a Japanese word meaning ‘chrysalis’.


They are also helping us today!

Co-founder & associate member - contents, events, reviewing committee member

Alessandra Scala is a cross-cultural surfer and diver, from Naples to Turin, to Japan and China, to Uk and Brasil. She is a journey companion for personal and organisational development, a facilitator of transformation processes, an executive and team coach. She is the co-hosting engine of the U.lab hub of Turin, a change-makers forge inspired by U theory -OttoScharmer, MIT Boston professor. Mad for people and purpose led. Living organisation diffuser.

Associate member - Nudge Music Management

Having grown up in the south-west of France, Frédéric Parmentier benefits from more than 20 years of expertise in the management of Retail Business Units and leading international subsidiaries for large groups that have honored him with their trust: LVMH, Etam, Beaumanoir, Vivarte...
Musician, author, composer and producer, he has always favored a strong emotional shopping experience through music. He has constantly used its behavioral impact to enhance sales performance and motivate his employees.
Based on this experience and his interest in neuroscience and behavioral sciences, he created Mazic "Feel good music at work" in 2020, an innovative consulting service in "Nudge Music Management" with the mission of placing people and their talents at the heart of managerial transformation.

Associate member - Strategist

Based in the territory of Rome, Paolo Fedi loves collaboration and sharing of knowledge, practiced ethics, attention, respect and listening to others. He has always been a consultant,  put commitment and passion for what he does. After professional experiences in multinational companies and small consulting companies, he co-started the U.Lab Hub Rome in 2016 and Benefit Innovation in 2020 (consulting company on strategies, sustainable innovation, change leadership and impact assessment). he believes that together we can create a better world for everyone.

Associate member - Marketing

French, Vinca Bonduelle is leaving in Lausanne, Switzerland. Enthusiastic about European history, art history as well the Old Silk Road and Middle East geopolitics, Vinca travels as often as she can as far as she can… particularly in trains (after she stopped flying for a few years now). She made most of her career working in multinational FMCG and OTC companies in Western Europe and North America. In countries and in global headquarter. Her area of expertise is marketing, her area of joy is management. She feels grateful when she can positively impact the life of people.


They have helped us to become who we are !

Reviewing committee and scientific committee member

Alain Fayolle is a distinguished professor of entrepreneurship, founder and past director of the entrepreneurship research centre at EM Lyon Business School, France. He published forty five books and over two hundreds  articles. In 2013, Alain Fayolle got the 2013 European Entrepreneurship Education Award and has been elected Chair of the AOM Entrepreneurship Division for the 2016-2017 academic year. In 2015, he has been awarded Wilford L. White Fellow by ICSB. Alain has been invited as an entrepreneurship expert by international universities, institutions (NATO, EU, OECD) and governments. He also advised companies and local authorities.

Co-founder - IT & web

Visionary, Italian and father of 2. Aureliano Bergese works with software people and love, always looks for the connection between science and spirit. Research and observation and action: he believes in small individual steps for a systemic change. Open for challenges.

Co-founder - contents, reviewing committee member

Joshua Volpara is a book publisher, organisational observer, dot connector, knowledge facilitator, cultural flaneur and people enthusiast. Book publisher since 1972, publishing professional since 1992, his first Frankfurt Book Fair, PhD in Political Science, he had the honour to publish in Italy no less than Frederic Laloux, Otto Scharmer, Isaac Getz, Brian Robertson and counting... His never ending organisational apprenticeship is encompassing lean management, agile and self management practices, design, system thinking and the inner sources of leadership.

Marketing & Community, IT & Web

Entrepreneur into the food & beverage industry and website product owner, Luca Abbà looks at individuals such as a rare, super tasty ingredient able to release only when mixed with other ingredients. Nature lover, chess addicted and always open to share a beer with friends.

Co-founder - Strategist & Advisor

Rebel transformation leader, leadership mentor, global entrepreneur & author, Luisa Ferrario is on a mission to expand the Joy Of Leading in leaders and organizations.Italian, living in Europe, she has been chosen for over fifteen years by C-Levels of Fortune 500 Companies and World Leading Organizations, as well as by small and medium-sized enterprises willing to choose, co-create, and implement inclusive and empowering leadership approaches, innovative business models, and progressive organizational structures, that create results way beyond what expected.She speaks the language of awareness, transformation, and personal mastery for the greatest impact on people’s lifestyle, leadership, and business.

Co-founder - events

It will be the Nordic blood (the Sociocracy is born in Holland), Pierre Houben is born in Belgium), it will be the experiences lived in life: being "Responsible", being "Together" are themes that reappear in his life in many forms. Pierre is passionate about deepening, experimenting and spreading them. For these reasons he is laying the foundations of a Sociocracy centre in Italy connected to the international network.

Marketing, Community management

Sara Seravalle is an expert in public policies and creative management of environmental and urban conflicts, a visual facilitator, a strategic illustrator and an architect with a PHD in public policies of the territory. She met the world of visuals: sketching, graphic recording, problem solving jam sessions or codesign, visual coaching, visual storytelling, strategic illustration and visual facilitation pervading all the things she has been doing since then. She is the cofounder of Visual Stories and partner of Mycroworking. She taught at the Milan State University and at the Milan Polytechnic urban planning and urban sociology. Since 20 years she has been dealing with creative projects for the management and transformation of urban and territorial conflicts in difficult neighborhoods using  different methods including visual facilitation but not only. Her passion is people who want to change and fix conflictual situations.

Co-founder - contents, PR, legal and business model

French living in Italy, but above all European, Sophie Her operates in Corporate Communication fields for both internal and external reputations.
Graduated in Business and Economic War, she previously was an entrepreneur and held different positions still related to the power of the information from Business Intelligence expert to Editor-in-Chief particularly in human or food oriented sectors.
Positive and Nature-addicted Sophie has a real interest for the Personal Development and the CSR: she believes in alternative ways to live and so to do business!

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