Our manifesto

Our core beliefs are described in our Manifesto. We encourage individuals as well as organizations to sign it and to join our pledge for KINDNESS. Scroll down the page if you wish to sign, and we hope that you will!

The Manifesto is structured around 5 main principles:

  1. Businesses should embrace a new way to measure their success that incorporates profit and the positive and meaningful impact they create on their people, their stakeholders, the environment, and the community in which they operate.
  2. Leadership should adopt trust, respect and transparency as foundational pillars of their organizations, supported by a solid principle that all human beings are equally worthy.
  3. Distribution of decision-making and information within the organization is the key to enabling collective intelligence to materialize.
  4. We are all interdependent, and we are all part of a system that has finite material resources yet endless opportunities to increase people’s well-being, fulfillment, and satisfaction.
  5. In a continuously and rapidly changing world, we must embrace openness, creativity, and inclusivity.

They signed it!

(update: 12th May 2021)

Adel Hasanin (Italy); Alain Fayolle (France); Alessandra Benetatos (Italy); Alessandra Scala (Italy); Alessandro Guidi (Italy); Alessio Cuccu (UK); Allen Vernier (France); Andrea Montuschi (Italy); Anna-Paola Lenzi (Italy); Aureliano Bergese (Italy); Carlo Impagliazzo (Italy); Ceria Daniela (Italy); Cristiane Pedote (Brazil); Cristina Turconi (Italy); Crocco Luigi (Italy); Daniela Di Ciaccio (Italy); Elena Piani (Italy); Enrico Zerilli (Switzerland) ; Filippo Causero (Italy); Francesco Mondora (Italy); François Donneur (Switzerland); Frédéric Parmentier (France); Gennaro Liardo (Italy); Germana Barba (Switzerland); Giampaolo Grossi (Italy); Gianlorenzo Molaroni (Italy); Giuseppina Cuccurullo (Italy); Giorgia Madonno (Italy) ; Hélène Macaire (France);  Jean-Michel Savignat (Netherlands); Jelena Pavlovic (Other Europe); Joël Cohen (France); Joshua Volpara (Italy); Juliette Thore (France); Luca Grieco (Italy); Luca Galimberti (Italy) ; Luisa Ferrario (Cyprus); Magnus Wood (UK); Matteo Ficara (Italy) ; Mattia Vercellone (Italy); Marco Dovere (Italy); Marco Motta (Italy); Marco Serra (Italy); Monica Margoni (Italy); Olivier Raymond (France); Paolo Fedi (Italy), Paolo Rossi (Italy); Pasquale De Biase (Italy); Pierre Houben (Italy); Pieter Spinder (Netherlands); Riccardo di Biase (Italy); Rita Trombin (Italy); Sara Seravalle (Italy); Silvana Caroli (Italy); Silvana Rigobon (Italy); Sophie Her (Italy); Stefano Gargioli (Italy); Ted Rau (USA)

Thank you!

Sign the KINDNESSforBusiness Manifesto

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