Inside K4B Feb 24, 2021

In the last few weeks, some people were asking to be part of the team. They all were already part of the community or in touch with a co-founder or another. We are pleased to announce that Sara Seravalle, Luca Abbà e Paolo Fedi are joining us and in the short term you will be able to discover their biography in the team’s page.

Luca Abbà is a young entrepreneur in the food sector and passionate about permaculture.

Paolo Fedi, Co-founder of the U.Lab Hub Rome and of Benefit Innovation (benefit company), works on strategies for innovation (creativity approach for sustainable innovation), start-up tutoring, organization and performance improvement, leadership in systemic and sustainable change management (Theory U).

Sara Seravalle, who is a brilliant visual facilitator, created this drawing during our first operative meeting. We are happy to share it!


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