Some month ago, outdoor apparel company North Face refused to make custom jackets for a Texas oil company, reportedly because it did not want its brand affiliated with the fossil fuel business.

In response, Chris Wright, the CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services, is spearheading a social media campaign claiming that nearly every product in North Face's lineup – including jackets - is made with and from gas and oil products.

Fossil fuels are necessary to make the petrochemicals that are used in plastics, nylon, climbing ropes, and other North Face products", Wright says. "Additionally, oil and gas are needed to fuel factories that manufacture goods and are used to ship the products worldwide. North Face is not only an extraordinary customer of the oil and gas industry. They are also a partner in the oil and gas industry.”

Corporate “hypocrisy” is an issue, and not just vis-à-vis Sustainability practices. Every day, companies claim to be doing things on Inclusion & Diversity, Well-Being, Employee Empowerment, and so on. Yet, according to Gallup, 85% of employees worldwide don’t feel engaged at work.

At KINDNESSforBusiness, we advocate for real change in the way we manage businesses. We believe that there are no shortcuts, nor PR stunts that can do the job. Change is a long process which requires the courage to look into every part of the organization so that the business purpose is reflected in and consistent with every operation. And always putting human beings at the centre.

Do you also long for real change? Join KINDNESSforBusiness today and get in touch!

Germana Barba

I’m a political scientist, a public and international affairs expert, and a writer. I'm standing for women empowerment, ‘unconventional’ leadership, and dialogue across points of view.


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