Tools and Practices Nov 25, 2020

The pandemic crisis has transformed our society in many ways. The use of the Internet has exploded and has become one of the safest way to keep connected. But let’s not forget that, for many people, this digital area is still not as accessible as it could be.

According to World Health Organization, 25% of the world population suffers from vision, motion or cognitive disabilities and have difficulties reading, accessing to or understanding online content.

Fortunately, some kind souls have started to address this issue by creating new tools to ease the life of these people. One of them is FACIL-ITI, recently selected as a finalist of the latest LVMH innovation award.

FACIL-ITI founders, Yves Cornu & Frédéric Sudraud, have invented a plugin that works over any website or application, and adapts the screen to the user’s needs without modifying the original website. For consumers, it offers accessibility, autonomy, inclusiveness ans user experience. For brands, it fosters inclusion, supports E-Commerce performance & complies with CSR regulations.

Hundreds of companies are already using this extraordinary service today, from CAC40 companies to leading and fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses. Are you part of them?

Olivier Raymond

Curious by nature, I am a world citizen. In 2018, I founded SANAGI, my own consultancy dedicated to Innovation & Change Management through the lens of Branding, Design, Societal trends & CSR.


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