News Oct 3, 2023

TBWA Corporate has just made public a study and a white book entitled "The future of  companies will be seniors or will not be" which are built around the question: “how to unleash the full potential of seniors... and companies?

It highlights the strengths of employees who are classified as seniors in terms of career from the age of 51, such as :

  • their role in structuring sales forces,
  • their valuable behavioral skills (soft skills) at a time when AI values ​​everything that cannot be automated (critical thinking, creativity, empathy, collaboration, communication, etc.),
  • their ability to be more reliable and more committed support points regarding medium/long term strategies,
  • their role of transmission which is not only vital for the sustainability of organizations but also highly valuable during the onboarding phases of the youngest…

Among the recommendations to fight against prejudices (which often cut off organizations from opportunities), the study underlines the importance to:

  • develop corporate culture by encouraging “a natural mixing of generations around strategic projects”, by promoting the establishment of “bodies that forget no one” (“wise council” with diverse profiles).
  • do not reduce social ties to table football and afterwork parties”.
  • rethink career paths based on a horizon of fifteen years in the same company (at age 51), around the idea of ​​the learning company for seniors.
  • review the temporality and nature of the missions entrusted to them
  • systematize the role of mentor in a way that is sometimes complementary to the role of manager. »
  • make visible the diversity of its employees” in terms of internal and external communication, (at a time when most of corporate communications dedicated to recruitment are focusing on those under thirty)

Finally, the study recalls that seniors are particularly sensitive to the question of meaning, even more than young people. 47% of workers over fifty consider that having a meaningful job is “essential”.


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